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We are a full-service racing information site, serving people who want to get the edge in the racing game. We utilize a team approach where we strictly analyze all aspects of the game to give a product that is highly reliable and of great value to our clients. Horseplayers are essentially playing against other horseplayers to get money that is available in the pools; most horseplayers do not have access to the information that our staff compiles in the analysis of our chosen races; as result, we have an advantage that makes that money in the pools more likely to go our way. We do not play every race, but instead stack the odds in the favor of our clients by knowing more than other horseplayers know. In addition we have experts who have been in the game for decades, and who have seen every scenario unfold, and this combined with information from our sources results in a fortituitous combination that puts our clients in the winner’s circle!


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Finally a no-nonsense, service which gets down to the bottom line–walking out of the track a winner! We cut through all of the chaff and get straight to the plays that are going to fill your pockets with money. We don’t play every race, but give you a series of wagers that are going to make it profitable for you to attend the races that day. We are the Generals who plot your day’s wagering strategies (your plan of attack), so that you can have a day of dancing to the windows.


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