Recent Pictures Taken at the Orleams Tournament In Las Vegas (click the Orleans picture below)
Friends Of
Joe a very friendly Bartender @ Los Alamitos

Chris, Santa Anita's first-rate broadcast cameraman.
Rudy, the nicest and most courteous gatekeeper !
Carlos, Santa Anita's 5-star bartender, and the nicest of nice people!

Eddie and John, two tremendously nice people who work for Santa Anita. Eddie is also a very telented singer/song writer with a great voice! He wrote the song,
which sounds great!
Click the button below to listen!

Tim, Santa Anita's cameraman and broadcast member, a true proferssional with the camera and a very nice person!.
Camacho, Santa Anita's polished gentleman of the paddock and leader of the post parade.
David, the super hard-working jockey valet of Santa Anita.
James, Santa Anita's computer guru.
Art, Santa Anita's super bartender at Sirona.
Ernie, Santa Anita's super-courteous and friendly gatekeeper.
Frank, Santa Anita's personable and super-courteous guard of the paddock and jockeys' room.
Willis, Santa Anita's super-professional and courteous Turf Club greeter.
Junior and Tony, two winners enjoying a great day out at Santa Anita.
Norma, a very nice fan and a great handicapper!
Jay Cohen, the great bugler of Southern California racing
Jose, near the winner's circle at Santa Anita.
Lida, Santa Anita's super-cheerful gatekeeper.
Steven, making everyone feel like they are a winner as they come through the gate.
Robert, ready to hit the cashier's window!
Michelle, Los Alamitos's 5-star waitress/bartender and the kindest and nicest person who represents why Los Alamitos is a first-rate establishment in food and beverage.
Joe, Gary, Eddie, and John. Santa Anita's super-friendly employees who make every race fan's day a great one at "The Great Race Place".
Annie, greeting everyone with a friendly smile for a hopeful day at the races.
Angel, one of the first to greet fans at Santa Anita--and who always leaves a friendly and courteous impression of "The Great Race Place".
Rick. Los Alamitos's super-courteous teller and the fastest ticket printer in the West!
Two lucky, and ecstatic, fans who used a WinBy5 bonus play to pull down a giant trifecta payoff at Santa Anita.
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