Track Bias

Question: How does know the track bias before the races start? is one of the only handicapping services that employs clockers who closely scrutinize the workouts of horses every morning at the major tracks. In addition, we have input from work-out riders who do the same every morning. These clockers know exactly how the surface will play. We are in constant contact with our clockers, who can tell which parts of the track are the best--inside, or outside--and the depth of the track as to whether it will be condusive to closers or front-runners. We handicap according to the condition of the track, because we know which type of surface, and which post positions, in which our horses will have an advantage.

You can read every racing publication, buy all of the on-track tip sheets, and walk out of the track with very little money. This racing information is written days in advance--usually 3 days before the races--and the people who write this information have very little idea of the weather, the condition of the track, and even such things as scratch information. 3 days in advance, these people write this information not knowing if the skys are going to open up and make the track the muddiest it could possibly be or if the weather is going to be so nice that the track plays to the best conditions possible; they have no idea if the track superintendent set the tractor harrows to dig the track up and make it so slow and tiring that only closers can win who do not expend their energy on the front end. There is no possible way that they can provide an edge to you when they have to meet publishing deadlines which are many days before the races are to be run. is completely on top of all of this information--right to the moment of post time--and we offer an advantage that no handicapping service offers. is the only handicapping service that provides information that knows everything right up until the horse goes into the starting gate. Every other service is published several days before.

We provide this information on our selections page, and take everything into consideration when we make our selections.

From Winby5 to our Readers, Fans and Clients. Here at Winby5 our objective
has always been to provided our readers, fans and clients with the best
information possible to make their handicapping expierence a successful one!
We do not and do not pretend to possess any sources of insider information.
Our winning edge to our clients is based on long hours of handicapping
and over 135 years of race handicapping experience from our team here at Winby5.

In laymans terms" we do it the old fashion way...hard work. We try to
provide as much available knowledge possilbe to todays handicappers and
by doing it at such a economical price even the little guy can be armed
with information to be a successful player. We feel part of good handicapping
is being able to see a upcomming jockey before his name become known
throughout the racing community...catching a hot new jockey early in their
career is very profitable. Our team saw all the potential talents in jockey
Joel Rosario. We promoted this outstanding new talent on our site and asked
him to wear our pants so our followers accross the country could see that
we supported the talents of Joel Rosario. For those of our fans and followers
who took advantage of this information, profitable results were achieved.

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